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    Judge Dredd
Lafia, M.
Judge Dredd

I loved this comic book, had collected it for years. It took nine months to get the assignment, sitting in the waiting room of Ed Pressman?s office, the producer of what promised to be a new franchise film after the success of Robocop and Terminator and Batman. I had almost written it all by the second interview but had to wait to get the job. I thought of Dread in a hilariously excessive over the top world ? more like Peter Sellers in the Party or John Klise, it was exuberant, excessive and ribald. Pressman called me a day after he sent a driver to pick the script, called the next day, saying I had nailed it, it was brilliant and more importantly after 3 years and almost a million dollars of development money he now had a script he was prepared to put into production. A month later with other producers the talk was about a harder action picture and Sylvester Stallone, with whom they ultimately made the picture and it failed miserably.



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