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Lafia, M.

When I read this book, in two days, having found it on St. Marks Place in the East Village, I thought it hilarious, RepoMan meets robots ? I gave it to a producer friend who agreed. I then went to meet Rudy Rucker, the writer. He was absolutely brilliant and also had written a great number of really smart books on infinity, mathematics, algrotihms. The writing was pretty much a straight up transcription of his book which was really a philosophical query in the pulpyest way concerning material and mind, the soul and machines. Though the script went though development at a couple of independents and Mike Medavov at Phoenix Picturees, the film never got made ? ?I Robot? years later became the robot picture Hollywood decided to make. In Hollywood unless you do something first, you pretty much are doing something of a clone of recent success and those pictures are really producers? films and not much fun to write, that?s why they have to pay you oodles of money.

*Not one of these scripts was made ? and so my attention started to move elsewhere. Rather than writing another film script I turned my attention to writing something I could adapt to a film but in and of itself would happen on the page. Having film scripts pile up next to your bills is not much fun.



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