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    Durations: Loops and Iterations, (2002)
Durations: Loops and Iterations,
'Durations: Loops and Iterations', Screen shots, 2002

Much video, software and sound art of recent years has  
concerned itself with loops, playing continuously or simply as  
playback systems or more closely examined in their  
structures. With computation, loops become routines, become  
iterative, in fact become new formulations of time or duration.  
In this two screen, or two monitor work as installed at M3  
Projects in DUMBO, I am interested in the relationship  
between these two grammars, one of repetition and the  
other, iteration. Using the same piece of video footage, one  
run as a continuous loop, actually two loops intersecting and  
the other run in a computational engine, I am interested in  
the dialogue and correspondence of these differences and how  
they figure duration.


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