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    Sing to Me and Tell Me Your Story (2002)
Sing to Me and Tell Me Your Story

I did this project with Dana Levy who invited me to Israel and Didi Fire. It was done for the Holon Digital Art Center.  
In this 4 screen computational video installation, Marc Lafia and Dana Levy are in search of the traversal of song, rhythm, language and the movement of people, and through computation aim to tease out underlying correspondences, forgotten connections, across time and geography. 
Over 50 people from 35 different countries now living in Tel Aviv, were invited to sing a song from a place of true and genuine emotion, and then to tell a story. The artists worked with one of Israel’s foremost composer programmers, Didi Fire, with whom they composed and arranged the work in MAX MSP which is used both as a playback system and interpretive instrument, continually layering and altering the source material. The songs and statements, in many languages are interwoven, sampled and remixed, continually shifting context opening up problematics and complexities of the notions of ‘home’, ‘beginning’, ‘belonging’, ‘adaptation’ and ‘being’ - ideas of here and elsewhere and the traversing of time.



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