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    Harry, Zelda and Antoinette (2005)
Harry, Zelda and Antoinette
Still from film

During the course of working on my Permutations project, I  
became fascinated with the idea of narration, where it  
happens and how. I had for some time been thinking about  
rules-based art, algorithms, database cinema which I had  
been using in varied projects. But I wanted to proceed with  
these ideas in an internalized way, procedurally, not literally. I  
wanted to engage these strategies as approaches to shape  
and perform narrative . I had writtten a film scenario for,  
'Harry, Zelda and Antoinette' and knew the dramaturgy very  
well. The event of recording in this new approach would now  
also more prominently need to become an event of  
narration. The work consists of six parts each composed of  
some twelve to twenty multi-screen films.


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