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    The New Montage (2005)
The New Montage
David Tudor

This Wiki outlines a beginning for the compilation of any  
number of possible indices of procedures and instructions for  
the creation, processing, arrangement and distribution of  
image, sound and media objects in the network, in installation and performance. 
It is to be a compendium on the go, forever writing and re- 
writing itself, notating algorithms and architectures, forms  
and formats, stratagems and procedures of authorship. 
The project aims to gather an accounting of strategies for the  
production of grammars, shapes, forms, and formats of sound, image, data works. 
It is to be an archive and forum for digital authors to find  
resources, inspiration and dialogue. Contributions should  
concern topics of historical, conceptual and experiential  
relevance focusing not so much on tools perse but  
authorship. We look forward to all your contribution.


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