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    The Battle of Algiers (2006)
The Battle of Algiers
The Battle of Algiers, 2006

I had an invitation from curator Christiane Paul to do a piece  
for the Whitney ArtPort. I expressed to her my interest in Gillo  
Pontecorvo’s 1966 film, The Battle of Algiers and wondered if  
computation could be used to peformatively visualize the film  
in a spatial way. The film puts forward in a very exacting way  
two very different modes of power in its depiction of the  
French and the Algerian Nationalists. How could these two  
sides and their modes and metabolisms be enacted as  
algorithmic rules? This was the question we asked ourselves.  
Christiane very generously put me together with Fang-Yu Lin  
who programmed the piece and after two years with her  
support and a commission from the Whitney and Tate, the  
piece was completed March 1, 2006.



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