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    Atlas (2007)

How do we give context and situatedness to ourselves in the  
social sphere? How do we come to give meaning and  
understanding in both a personal dimension and social one to  
our lives? How to performatively put on the many internal  
and social conflicts, mirrorings and understandings,  
misunderstandings of the current cultural and geo-political  
moment - and from which perspectives. That's a lot to think  
about. From time to time I work on my Atlas project, which is  
a conceptual framework to think through and peformatively  
map these questions. Part of the work includes the making of  
short films, anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Each film moves  
along a continuim with others and forms an aggregate of its  
own. The work will also include site specific situations,  
interventions, mediations, meditations, drawings, sound  
works, images. I will post here some of them soon.


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