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    Revolution of Everyday Life (2010)
Revolution of Everyday Life

Two young women meet in an explosive and highly emotional love story where love, art, and revolution ignite. Lizzy, a young actress, works arranging cans in a delicatessen in Little Odessa in Brooklyn, NY. She dreams of art and becoming a well known actress. One day after an audition, she is intoxicated by a spell at a perfume store where she is enchanted by Tjasa, and the two fall in love wildly. Tjasa, an artist, actor and revolutionary, brings Lizzy to her performance group. The group has been recording small private actions looking first to change themselves, but Tjasa challenges them to take it to the streets; to turn the private into the public; and so Tjasa takes Lizzy through the streets of New York to markets, cafes, Wall Street and public spaces where they do situationist actions to change perceptions of the everyday for themselves and others. All along Lizzy sees in Tjasa a magical, inspirational firebrand and for the first time in her life awakens to life’s possibilities. In their love, they take vows to celebrate their mythic and present femininity with Tjasa cleaning Lizzy’s heart until its purity divides the two of them.



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