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    Writing Space (2010)
Writing Space
Writing Space, 2010

Writing Space presents over 200 mixed media works, my own and others in an all-at-once reading space. By removing the CSS left and right margins of a ‘public’ themed tumblr blog and with use of ‘infinite scroll’ this customized blog presents a new event of reading. As most reading is one thing after another or in the space of the web, hyperlinked, this all-at-onceness at first confounds and overwhelms until one begins to see the whole of it. Never the less, where to begin, what is the sense of things in the structure.  
The work is in a sense a McLuhan mosaic. It cannot be understood as a linear construction, beginning at the beginning and proceeding through the middle to the end.  
One of the most striking things of computational readings is that the page can be reconfigured. In this work one can drag out the bottom right hand corner of the ‘page’ and make a horizontal browsing window where one can see one entry after the next. In further development any one entry can be brought into the middle or enlarged and those entries with similar tags viewed in a small grid to the right of the single entry. The aim to build a new writing space that is every configurable, always to be inflected, always able to create new meanings, new meanderings. 



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